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    Trauma Cleaning

    Professional trauma, extreme and biohazard cleaning services for
    both commercial and domestic customers throughout the UK.
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Trauma Cleaning Services

Trauma Cleaning

Cleans & reinstates your premises or property after a traumatic event such as a murder, suicide, serious assault or traumatic event such as an industrial accident.
Biohazard Cleaning Services

Biohazard Cleaning

Biohazard Cleaning deals with the cleaning, reinstatement and disposal of any biological or chemical substance that is dangerous to humans, animals, or the environment.
Extreme Cleaning Services

Extreme Cleaning

Our extreme cleaning services deal with the strange smells, vast amounts of rubbish, drug paraphernalia and other situations that fall outside of the usual cleaning tasks.

Our Services

We provide services to both public and private sector companies throughout the entire UK.
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Sewage Restoration

Sewage backups, leaks and disasters are amongst the worst types of property disaster a homeowner or business can encounter. The urgency to clean and repair a property from a sewage disaster is amongst the highest priority for our water damage restoration team.

Sharps Removal

We provide a professional needle sweep, needlestick removal and disposal service for syringes, needlesticks, sharps, scalpels, razor blades and any other kinds of biohazard / medical waste associated with self medicating patients and illegal drug users.

Blood Cleanup

We provide a professional blood spill cleanup & disinfection service to clean your premises safely, quickly and effectively to both commercial & domestic customers throughout the UK.

Void Property Clearance

Complete Trauma Cleaning provide a void property cleanup, rubbish removal & disposal service for both commercial & domestic customers throughout the UK.
24 hour trauma cleaning serviceWe offer a 24 hour emergency callout service

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